iLoomination’s Purpose…

Sometimes distance or circumstances make it impossible for us to be with ones we love. We at Iloomination have created a way for you to take that love and bring it one step closer to their hearts! By merging amazing images and scripture, and weaving these into the finest fabrics, you now can literally wrap those you care about most in faith!

 Whether it’s celebrating the joy of bringing that first baby home from the hospital, or standing in solidarity with a son or daughter defending America’s honor on foreign soil and seas, our tapestries and blankets are a truly unique way of saying I love you. Imagine the message you’ll communicate when those dear to you feel the warmth of the fabric and the strength of scripture enveloping them in a work of art.

Iloominate someone’s life today and send them a beautiful and tangible message of hope and faith!

Ten percent of all profits from Iloomination go to support charities and ministries at home and abroad. We still believe in the American Dream and are proud to say that all of our designs and products are MADE IN AMERICA!

About the Visionaries…

Iloomination is the vision of Jon and Lisa Potter and their creative team. The Potters founded this company to be a creative way that believers in Christ could share their faith and encourage others. Jon has always had an artistic gift and he is a published author, song writer and artist. Lisa has an incredible “eye” and talent for interior design, and has a passion for life, laughter, but mostly, for hurting people. The Potters live in Birmingham, AL and have three wonderful teenage children!

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